Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Panjim, organised a thought-provoking lecture on ‘Managing Waste for a Cleaner Goa’by CCP Commissioner, MrSanjit Rodrigues on September 25, 2019 where, in an impassioned speech he drove home the urgency of waste segregation in the State.


“Goa is in the throes of a trash wave today”, he said. Citing examples and showing visuals of garbage piles and litter strewn about the beaches and at various other sites in Goa, Mr Rodrigues sought to sensitise the audience on the staggering problems of waste that Goa is grappling with.  Admonishing the casualness and ‘Buy and Throw’ culture ingrained in the youth today, he exposed the effect of our growing indifference towards the environment and forecasted its dangerous impact in the years to come.


Expressing concern over the health of the underprivileged worker involved in manually segregating waste, he invited students to visit a processing station and witness first-hand the hazards they are exposed to in their line of work owing to utter public negligence and disregard. “Our insensitivity towards those involved in the unpleasant task of dealing with our waste, make us the worst offenders of Human Rights”, he added.


Information about various successful campaigns making headway in the arena of garbage management in Panjim, viz. ‘Bin-free Campaign’ launched in 2003, ‘Door-to-door garbage collection’ and the current, ‘My home My Village Campaign’, was also spoken about extensively.


The students pledged to adhere to the mantra of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to safeguard the environment and work towards a greener and cleaner Goa. Mr Rodrigues was accompanied by PTA member, Mr Roy Vas. The programme was coordinated by Mr NileshPai. Ms Bianca Fernandes delivered the Vote of Thanks.

Abigail Picardo